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You May Be Eligible for Criminal Record Expungement

Your criminal record can follow you around your whole life, making it difficult to find employment, housing, government benefits, and financial aid. Whether you were convicted, acquitted, plead guilty, or even if the charges were dropped, these instances still appear on your record.

lawyer talking while looking at paperwork

Criminal Defense and Expungement Lawyers

Indiana changed its expungement statute on July 1, 2013, allowing only one expungement to be granted during a person’s lifetime. Visit Indiana XP in Indianapolis today to find out if we can expunge or restrict your criminal record. There are many factors that go into place during consideration. With over 15 years of criminal law experience, we’ll find you a solution. Stop being restricted from moving forward because of your criminal record. If you want to expunge your record, you will need an expungement attorney.

Indianapolis Restriction Attorney

You can expunge and restrict your criminal record to make it easier for you to find employment, housing, and other necessities. While law enforcement and certain state agencies can still access your criminal record, the general public will not be able to view them. You will be able to answer “no” on questions that ask if you have a criminal record on leasing and employment applications. Depending on what type of crime you have on your record, you can expunge them in 5-10 years on average. We will help you expunge or restrict nonviolent felonies and misdemeanors, but you may not expunge violent crimes, sex crimes, or other similar felonies. If you believe you qualify for criminal record expungement, apply today.

Stop Being Burdened by Your Past