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About Indiana XP

After going through the litany of issues in the court system, your criminal record will follow you. It can make job and housing searching a nightmare. You will want a team that you can trust to protect your privacy and help you get back on your feet. At Indiana XP, we keep you in the loop on all your records and processes. While you learn from the past, we’ll help make your future brighter without limitations. We’ll go over your criminal record and find out if you qualify for expungement or restrictions.

two individuals going over legal document

15 Years of Service Helping Indianapolis

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team can help you with your criminal record expungements. We proudly serve the Indianapolis area to help people expunge and restrict their criminal records so they can go on to live a normal life. Our team of criminal defense lawyers at handles your cases, but afterward, you will need someone to work on expunging and restricting your criminal record. Laws regarding criminal records can be tricky and confusing. If you or a loved one requires assistance expunging old records that are hindering the process of securing employment, housing, or financial aid, apply today.

We’re Here to Help You Get Back on Track

There’s no reason the criminal justice system should take advantage of you after you’ve already served your sentence. We believe that your past shouldn’t follow you like a dark cloud and that everybody deserves another chance. Your criminal record can deter you from merely living your life, as certain crimes are public knowledge. We’re here to help you overcome that challenge. We’ll go over your situation and find a solution that works for you. It’s hard enough getting back on your feet. We’ll help you on your journey.

Stop Being Burdened by Your Past